Aquaponics Web Hunt

                                So you've got a what?                            

In this internet web hunt you will explore questions about aquaponics. 
In order to respond to the questions, you will use the links provided to learn
about the sustainable method of farming known as aquaponics.  At the end of
your journey you will have the information you need to create a supply
list for Mr. Simpson and to transform a fish tank into a successful
aquaponics system.

Your Tasks:

1. Create a copy of this Google Doc table to record your answers to the questions below
    (with the doc open select file, make a copy, rename the file with yourlastname followed by hunt - example Simpsonhunt and click OK)

2. Search the websites linked below to find the information you need to respond to the questions and record your responses on the Google Doc

3. For each answer name your source (the website you used to answer the question) in the spot provided on the google doc

4. When you have responded to all of the questions, get with your team members and discuss your findings.  Do not change your answers - for most questions there is not ONE right answer - there are several. 

5. If you were going shopping for the supplies you would need to start an aquaponics system, what would you need?  Your final task will be to include a shopping list for Mr. Simpson for your class system.



 1. What two farming methods does aquaponics combine?
2. Compare aquaponics to traditional gardening.  How are they the same/How are they different?
3. What two ancient cultures are credited with inventing aquaponics? 
4. How can you tell if nitrification has happened in an aquaponics system?

5. What will you need for your system in order to create the process of nitrification?
6. Considering the size of your tank, how many fish will you be able to raise?                                                    
7. What will happen if you use the wrong type of fish in an aquaponics system?
8. Considering your classroom environment, what type of lighting would be best for your system?
9. Describe two ways that people are using aquaponics to make a profit.
10. What do you feel is the most important reason for starting an aquaponics system?

tank photo

Your Clues (Web Links):

Watch this Aquaponics video from Teachertube

Guide to Aquaponics

Growing Power Farms

Columbia Career Center Article

Talking Points:

  • Why would anyone want to have an aquaponics system in their home?
  • What are the challenges of starting your own aquaponics system?
  • What considerations need to be made before starting your own aquaponics system?
  • If you could ask Brook Harlan (chef at the CCC) three questions about his aquaponics system...what would they be?


Write a blog post to Mr. Simpson explaining the history, process, and benefits of aquaponics.  Include at the end of your post include a list of supplies that you think your classroom will need in order to convert your existing fish tank into a successful aquaponics system.

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